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Watch Movie Gangnam Blues (2015)

Watch Movie Gangnam Blues (2015)
Layar Perak - In the 1970s, during the height of political corruption, Gangnam, the southern part of Seoul is starting to be transformed into a developed area. Childhood friends Jong-dae and Yong-ki struggle to get by, until their shanty homes are demolished by local thugs. Desperate for cash, they get involved in violent political clashes, and are separated during one of the skirmishes. Three years later, Jong-dae lives as an honest man with former gang leader Kil-su. Meanwhile, Yong-ki has joined Seoul's most powerful criminal organization, the Myeongdong-pa. As a gangster, Yong-ki is entangled in a high-stakes battle over land in Gangnam, all in the name of putting together secret presidential election funds that drive up the value of the city. As the gangs fight over the rights to various plots of land, Yong-ki is captured and interrogated by a rival gang. The southern part of Stransformed into a developed area.

Title : Gangnam Blues
Year : 2015
Released : 21 Jan 2015
Rating : 6.2
Runtime : 135 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Director : Ha Yoo
Writer : Ha Yoo
Stars : Min-ho Lee, Rae-won Kim, Jin-young Jung, Ji-su Kim
Country : South Korea

Watch Movie Online The Handmaiden (2016) Sub Indo

The Handmaiden
Layar Perak In Japanese-occupied Korea, a conman operating under the sobriquet of "Count Fujiwara" hires a pickpocket named Sook-Hee from a family of con artists to become the maid of the mysterious heiress Lady Hideko, whom Fujiwara plans to marry and to commit to an asylum in order to steal her inheritance. Sook-Hee, taking on the name "Tamako", enters Hideko's household, which is controlled by her authoritarian Uncle Kouzuki, a collector of antique erotica. Kouzuki forces Hideko to perform readings of his erotica (which are then auctioned off) for aristocratic guests. Hideko's aunt performed the readings before her, and eventually killed herself to escape her husband's abuse (or perhaps was killed by him).

Unknown to Sook-Hee, Hideko and Fujiwara plan to elope to Russia and steal Sook-hee's identity, committing her to the asylum in Hideko's place, in order to escape Kouzuki. Hideko and Sook-Hee grow closer, and both begin to have doubts about their respective deceptions. The two experiment sexually with each other and fall in love. Sook-Hee stops a suicide attempt by Hideko, who reveals her and Fujiwara's plot to Sook-Hee.

The two women conspire to betray Fujiwara and escape together. When Kouzuki departs the household on business, Hideko and Sook-Hee escape to rendezvous with Fujiwara for the elopement, though not before Hideko shows Sook-Hee Kouzuki's collection, which Sook-Hee destroys in a rage. Fujiwara acquires Hideko's inheritance and Sook-Hee is committed to the asylum in Hideko's place. Hideko then turns the tables on Fujiwara, drugging him and leaving him to be found by Kouzuki's goons, while she rejoins the escaped Sook-Hee. Sook-hee enlists her con artist family to forge passports and leaves the country with Hideko. Kouzuki tortures Fujiwara in his cellar and presses him for sexual details about his niece, but Fujiwara tricks Kouzuki into lighting him a cigarette which fills the room with deadly mercury gas, killing them both.

Title : The Handmaiden (Sub Indo)
Genre : Drama, Romance, Adult
Directed : Park Chan-wook
Produced : Park Chan-wook, Syd Lim
Starring : Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, Cho Jin-woong, Kim Tae-ri
Music : Cho Young-wuk
Cinematography : Chung Chung-hoon
Production companies : Moho Film, Yong Film
Distributed : CJ Entertainment
Release dates : 14 May 2016 (Cannes), 1 June 2016 (South Korea)

Watch Movie Online The Pirates (2014)

Watch Movie Online The Pirates (2014) Subtitle Indonesia
Title : The Pirates (2014)
Year : 2014
Released : 06 Aug 2014
Rating : 6.6
Runtime : 130 min
Genre : Adventure, History
Director : Seok-hoon Lee
Writer : Seong-il Cheon
Stars : Nam-gil Kim, Ye-jin Son, Hae-jin Yoo, Kyeong-yeong Lee
Plot : A band of pirates and a group of bandits fight to catch a gray whale that has swallowed a royal stamp.
Country : South Korea
Imdb Link :

Live Streaming Watch Movie Online The Pirates (2014)(Subtitle Indonesia)

Watch Movie A Girl at My Door (2014)

Watch Movie A Girl at My Door (2014) Subtitle Indonesia
Title : A Girl at My Door (Subtitle Indonesia)
Year : 2014
Released : 22 May 2014
Rating : 7.0
Runtime : 119 min
Genre : Drama
Director : July Jung
Writer : July Jung
Stars : Doona Bae, Sae-ron Kim, Sae-byeok Song, Hie-jin Jang
Plot : Young-nam was a promising graduate of the police academy before she was transferred to the small seaside village, as a result of misconduct. On her first day in the village, she encounters Dohee, a girl living in the town with a gloomy looking face. As Young-nam tries to acclimate to her new surroundings, Dohee's grandma died in a car accident. To protect the girl from her stepfather's abuse, Young-nam lets Dohee stay at her place, but things become more mysterious as she gets to know her.
Country : South Korea
Imdb Link :

Live Streaming A Girl at My Door (2014)

Film Semi 3 Womans Sex (2013)

Nonton Film Semi 3 Womans Sex (2013) Information

3 Womans Sex
Title : 3 Womans Sex
Genre : Drama, Erotic, Romance
Release : 2013
Language : Korean
Country : Korea
Plot : Younghwan girls enjoy living complex relationships with numerous women flirt! But divorce is a person who does not. Hyemi married and live happily deulkigo not even enjoy it ... and good looks thanks to easy women. I do not want neither good nor deny the oncoming woman women magazines. Then it younghwan, and to clean up the rest so loved all the girls approach....

Film Semi Secret Touch Of Charming Housekeeper (2013)

Secret Touch Of Charming Housekeeper (2013) Infos

Secret Touch Of Charming Housekeeper (2013)
Title : Secret Touch Of Charming Housekeeper
Genre : Drama, Romance
Release : 2013
Stars : Son Yong Pal , Yun Bori
Country : Korea
Plot : If the wife likes to get up the morning enjoying sex … today since morning trying to have a relationship with my husband and my husband he did not deserve respect, but the doctor’s wife. The relationship between the two of Mrs sets out the house as soon as possible after saying that Japan held a business trip. And the difference with earthy housekeeper came home to find … but put briefly shaken in the past seemed infinitely softly protection instinct seems to be a pain. Eventually fell to the charm of the original are innocent housekeeper … she has read such a heart.

Film Semi Fancy Massage Salon (2013)

Watch Semi Movie Fancy Massage Salon (2013)

Watch Semi Movie Fancy Massage Salon (2013)
Title : Fancy Massage Salon
Genre: Drama | Romance
Released: 2013
Movie Length: 119 minutes
Language : Japanese
Country : Japan
Player :
1. Bud
2. Nakatake million
3. Takemoto Futoshi
4. Takashi Sugawara
Plot : Japanese Movies Fancy Massage Salon (2013) This is a movie spring / Japanese adult actresses who played hot japan very beautiful and sexy. The film tells the kadomatsu Satomi (Bud) is an ordinary housewife who lives with her husband Yuji, an employee. Curious ... ??? Watch the full story this movie just here ...

Watch Movie Online Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Infos Watch Movie Online Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Title : Olympus Has Fallen
Year : 2013
Released : 22 Mar 2013
Rating : 6.5
Runtime : 119 min
Genre : Action, Thriller
Director : Antoine Fuqua
Writer : Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt
Stars : Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Finley Jacobsen, Dylan McDermott
Plot : Mike Banning is a Secret Service Agent who is assigned to the President and is close to him and his family. When there's a situation wherein the President and the First Lady's life is endangered and Mike can only save one of them, he saves the President. As a result the President has Mike reassigned to a desk job. A year and a half later, Mike wants to come back but the President, though not holding a grudge, is not ready to have him back. The President has a delegation from South Korea visiting. Shortly after they arrive a plane shows up and when it's told to land it refuses and when aircraft close in on it, they shoot it down. Eventually it crashes at the White House, that's when some people in the crowd pull guns and shoot the secret service agents.

Then the Secret Service gets the President into a bunker. Mike who sees what's happening from his office goes there and starts shooting at the attackers. Later in the bunker, some of the people from the delegation pull out guns and shoot all the Secret Service agents. And outside all the Secret Service agents are killed and the shooters take over the White House. Eventually they call the Pentagon where the Speaker of the House is now in charge and the leader in the bunker makes his demands. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs tells the Speaker they can't give in but to prove he's serious he kills someone and will continue to do so till they give in. But what can they do. Mike, who's in the White House, eventually gets a special cellphone and calls them. He tries to do what he can first by locating the President's son and getting him out. He then goes to save the President.
Country : USA
Imdb Link :

Film Semi Gal Avatar (2010)

Nonton Film Semi Gal Avatar (2010)
Title : Gal Avatar (2010)
Rating: Not Available
Genres: Drama Romance
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Release Date: Not Available
Director: Not Available
Plot : Not Available
Duration: 93 Minutes
Size: 398MB

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